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Promenaid is pleased to share just some of the feedback that we have received from our clients.

We’re very happy with both the appearance and fabrication.  It looks not just like it belongs, but like it has always been there. 

I just wanted to thank you for your courtesy and cooperation in getting the handrails before my daughters wedding. They look great. Thanks again.

Wow, thank you – I can’t believe you got them here so fast!! I was hoping they could be mailed quickly, but I never expected them that fast. We are grateful to be able to do the installation of our railings right away. As I said before, thank you for the awesome customer service! It could not have been better.
Promenaid Customer Albuquerque, NM

I recently ordered and received three 3′ stairway rails. I LOVE them! They were installed today as I’m having hip replacement surgery in a few weeks. Thanks so much for this beautiful product, they were worth every penny!!

Merci pour votre aide. Je trouverai certainement d’autres applications pour votre produit. Je possède plusieurs propriétés. La brillante ingénierie et la simplicité à l’origine de la conception de votre produit tiennent du génie et rendent l’installation agréable.

I appreciate the help and I’m sure I will find more applications for your product.  I own several properties. The stellar engineering and simplicity that went into the design of your product is pure genius, and fun to work with.

I love my handrails. I have 3 of them. 3ft, 4ft and 6ft. Because of the handrails, l feel a lot safer when I’m walking up and down my staircases and I’ve actually gotten compliments on them!

« J’adore mes mains-courantes. J’en ai trois : 3 pi, 4 pi et 6 pi. Grâce aux mains-courantes, je me sens en sécurité lorsque je monte ou descends l’escalier et j’ai même reçu des compliments sur leur élégance! »

My wife had knee surgery so I needed to install a handrail going down to the family room since we never had one. The handrail was easy to install and is very sturdy. The quality of the product is excellent and my wife is happy that I installed it so that she can get down the one step into the family room without the fear of falling. A great product!!!!

« Mon épouse a subi une chirurgie du genou, j’ai donc dû installer une main-courante vers la salle familiale puisque nous n’en avions pas. La main-courante a été facile à installer et elle est très solide. La qualité du produit est excellente et mon épouse est heureuse de l’installation qui lui permet de se rendre à la salle familiale sans craindre de tomber. Un excellent produit!!!! »

Just what I was searching for to install horizontally on an interior hallway to provide a bit of a safety rail for elderly person. Looks fantastic without that commercial appearance. Well designed and very easy to install.

« Tout juste le produit que je recherchais pour une installation à l’horizontale dans le couloir intérieur pour assurer un appui sécuritaire aux personnes plus âgées. Très esthétique sans l’allure commerciale. Excellente conception et installation très facile. »

« Grâce à Promenaid, nous avons pu terminer la construction rapidement, être prêts à temps pour l’inspection et le grand jour de l’ouverture du restaurant. »

Because of Promenaid, we were able to finish the construction quickly, be ready for the building inspection and have our new restaurant ready for opening day.

« Enfin une main-courante qui simplifie la conformité au code. »

Finally a handrail that makes complying with building code a no-brainer

« Mon entrepreneur a installé des centaines de mains-courantes dans les escaliers qu’il construit. Il a été impressionné par la facilité et la rapidité de l’installation. »

My contractor has installed hundreds of handrails on the staircases he creates. He was stunned by the ease and speed at which he was able to do the installation.

« J’ai acheté des mains-courantes pour mon porche avant. J’en veux maintenant dans la maison pour mes escaliers et ma salle de bains. »

I bought your handrails for my front porch. Now I want them in the house for the stairs and bathroom.

« Ma décision d’acheter votre superbe produit a été l’une des meilleures décisions que j’ai prises dans le cadre de nos rénovations. Mes invités ont tous été impressionnés par la solidité et la beauté de vos produits. Je ne vous remercierai jamais assez. Votre produit est abordable, bien conçu, magnifiquement fabriqué et tout simplement élégant. Je vous remercie pour les nombreuses heures de travail qui ont sans doute été investies dans votre capacité d’atteindre un tel résultat. Je dirai à qui veut l’entendre que vous méritez leur confiance. »

My decision to buy your beautifully made product was one of the best decisions I made on our remodel. My guests have, been in awe of how sturdy and gorgeous it is.  I can’t thank you enough for your product. It is reasonably priced, well-designed, beautifully engineered, and downright glamorous.  And thanks for the many work-hours which I’m sure went into your ability to achieve this result. I will tell everyone I know how much you deserve their business.

I found this product and called the manufacturer directly. Rob was extremely friendly (still is), helpful, knowledgeable, and put together the ENTIRE kit including hardware that I needed to install a handrail for a resident. I was short on maintenance staff, so the project got delayed a few weeks. The new guy (he gets the blame anyway lol) accidentally threw one of the hardware boxes away (I think) while organizing the shop. Without charge, Rob sent me a replacement piece of hardware…I emailed Rob again because the 2nd box seemed to be missing one of the pieces I needed (and had previously thrown away). Today, I emailed Rob because while putting the hardware in the handrail, one of my staff overtightened and bent one of the pieces of hardware.

Without delay, without additional charge, sending from Canada, Rob has sent me additional brackets to complete our project.

I’m excited to finally see the finished product installed…perhaps I need to do it myself instead of having maintenance do it…but I seldom, if ever come across a company with greater customer service. The product looks great and will definitely purchase again when needed.

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