Choosing the Best Apartment Building Handrails

March 2, 2021


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Whether you’re renovating an existing apartment building or constructing a new one, you will need to install handrails in order to comply with building codes and to be ADA compliant. 

Required by the International Building Code and the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessibility, handrails not only add safety, they also enhance an apartment building’s design aesthetic.

Requirements for Apartment Building Handrails

Apartment building handrails must meet a variety of requirements in order to fit with the building’s design and aesthetic as well as meet building code standards and ADA compliance.


Each apartment building is unique and comes with its own design challenges. A versatile handrail makes the installation project much easier. Required on stairs and ramps, handrails need to keep people safe in a variety of places.

Easy Installation

Building or renovating an apartment building is a large task. Choosing a handrail that is easy to install helps to streamline the process and get your building completed faster.


Apartment buildings are high traffic areas, so durability is a huge factor in choosing a handrail both for common stairways and in individual dwelling units. A finish that won’t fade or chip along with a rust-resistant material are both factors that determine durability. The last thing you need is to have to replace handrails everytime there is turnover in the apartments

High End Aesthetic

The Von Restorff Effect is essentially the idea that people have a tendency to remember an item that sticks out amidst other, more similar elements. This relates to apartment buildings and their handrails, in that most handrails give off a clinical feel or are simply forgettable.

If you’re designing a high end apartment building or with an overall high end aesthetic, a generic handrail is going to stand out negatively in potential renters’ minds, which could be a factor in whether or not they choose to rent from you.

Choosing a handrail with a high end aesthetic that fits with the overall design of the apartment building elevates the space and keeps potential renters focused on how they feel in the space.

Continuous Design

A continuous design is required in the International Building Code for handrails in commercial spaces. This means that handrails must remain continuous for the length of the handrail, including around corners and along changes in elevation.  Given the variety of stairway elevations, slope changes, and corners, finding a handrail that can create a continuous design is a challenge.


For commercial spaces, guards are required along open-sided walking surfaces located more than 30” from the floor — this includes balconies, landings, stairs, and decks. A guard must be no less than 42” from the tread nosing. 

Where a guard is present, a handrail may also be required between 34” and 38”, so you’ll want to be sure to choose a handrail that is compatible with a guard in both function and design.

ADA-Friendly and Code Compliant

When choosing a handrail, ensuring that it meets the requirements set out in the International Building Code and the Americans with Disabilities Act is essential. From grip size to distance away from the wall, these standards dictate much of the handrail design. 

It’s always best to check the code to ensure that you’re complying with all requirements as they relate to your specific building as well as apartment building handrail fire codes.

How to Choose the Best Apartment Building Handrail

At Promenaid, we design handrails that are versatile, elegant, and durable. In addition, they exceed code compliance standards, giving you peace of mind that the tenants in your building will be safe and the handrails will be functional and beautiful for years to come.

The Perfect Apartment Building Handrail

The perfect apartment building handrail must meet building code requirements and ADA Standards for Accessibility as well as fit with the building’s aesthetic and stand up to high traffic and wear and tear. 

Code Compliance Meets Elegance and Versatility

Promenaid handrails are the world’s first handrail that combines elegance, versatility, easy installation, and code compliance for every type of construction.

Save Time on Installation

Promenaid handrails are easy to install, so handrails won’t hold up construction or completion of the apartment building.

Double Duty

If a guardrail is present, a secondary handrail may also be required, so choosing Promenaid allows you to have control over the compatibility and design of guardrails and handrails.

Choose from Beautiful Finishes

Our satin-anodized finishes create contemporary apartment building handrails that beautifully complete the building’s aesthetic.

The Right Choice for Your Apartment Building

Choosing a Promenaid handrail ensures that you will exceed building code requirements and complete your design aesthetic beautifully. Providing safety, elegance, versatility, and durability, Promenaid handrail installation is easy and efficient.

Contact us today for more information on beautiful, durable handrails for your apartment building.