Study Results: Aging-In-Place
Sep 28, 2016
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Study Results: Home-Based Care Combined with Modest Renovations Reduces Disability, Promotes Aging-In-Place

A study published in the September 2016 edition of Health Affairs demonstrated the benefit of the innovative CAPABLE program (Community...

It’s High Time We Dealt With Falls
Jul 17, 2016
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Society has tackled the world’s great public health challenges, often with remarkable success. How is it that ‘death by falling down’ isn’t one of them?

Technology, education, and legislation have been particularly effective in reducing the toll of accidental death and injury. Motor vehicle fatalities, the perennial #1 cause of non-...

You Don’t Need a Parachute to Jump Out of an Airplane…
Jun 20, 2016
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…but you do need a parachute to jump out of an airplane twice.

Or, at least, that’s the conventional wisdom. But is there any scientific proof that parachutes are useful for preventing death and injury when jumping out of airplanes?

Researchers at Cambridge University published a...

Unintentional injury deaths among adults 65 and over
Jun 09, 2016
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Think falls among seniors aren't a big problem? Think again.

Falls cause more...

Channel Your Inner Tricycle
Nov 26, 2015
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November is Falls Prevention Month

We bring you some thoughts on the topic. Here's #3 in a series:

Add a 3rd Point of Contact and Prevent a Fall

Did you try the balance test? [see it here: The Segway vs. the Tricycle] If you did, you know that we need every one of our faculties –...