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5 Ideas to Elevate Your Home Design with Black Handrails

Incorporating handrails into your home means not only increasing the level of safety but also elevating your home design. Black metal handrails for stairs as well as along walls and steps can add a sleek, elegant touch while providing safety and versatility for everyone maneuvering through the home.

Black aluminum handrails in a satin finish are anodized for superior strength and durability, making them an excellent investment, adding a great look, and enhancing your home’s aesthetic. This finish will never rust, chip, or flake, can be installed in any environment indoors or outside, wet or dry, and will provide superior functionality while maintaining its elegance and style for years to come.

With many finishes and color combinations to choose from, finding the perfect fit for your home’s aesthetic is easy. You can even get creative by mixing different finishes for the handrail, brackets and bends.

1. Add A Modern Touch To A Traditional Design

Often, in older homes, wood stair rails and intricately designed balusters and newel posts are beautiful and stylish, but they may not provide the safety people need to  maneuver up and down stairs with confidence and avoid falls. Incorporating a matte black stair handrail into the design provides an added level of support without detracting from the original design of the stairway. In fact, pairing a matte black or satin black handrail with wood enhances the design, blending modern and timeless design elements.

2. Outdoor Style

Outdoor steps can be a tricky area for ensuring adequate safety when going up or down the stairs. A matte black outdoor handrail integrated into an outdoor stair design can provide safety and style. Handrails can also be integrated into an outdoor design as a matte black deck handrail, protecting the edge of a deck and helping to prevent falls.

3. Add Contrasting Elements to a White Bathroom

Because these black handrails are satin anodized, they withstand all elements, looking stylish and making a beautiful statement anywhere in the home. Anodizing enhances the corrosion and abrasion resistance of the already strong aluminum, ensuring that the finish won’t flake or chip over time. 

4. Highlight The Handrail

In a stairway, pairing a matte black handrail with light-colored wood and paint makes the black handrail the focus of the design, elevating it to a modern design focal point what could otherwise be a boring, standard stairway. Taking the design a step further, the bracket and fitting finishes contrast with the matte black of the handrail, resulting in unmatched style and versatility.

5. Classic Black And Silver

Black and silver forms a classic, timeless combination. In this black indoor handrail design concept, a matte black handrail is paired with silver brackets, bends, and ADA wall returns to create the stability needed to navigate up the step and and around a landing. Set against a wood wall, the handrail makes a beautiful design statement while its versatile functionality greatly reduces the likelihood of trips and falls.

Contact Promenaid today to find the ideal black handrail for your home. We’ll help you choose the perfect handrail to complement the design of your home while providing safety and stability for those who need it.

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