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A More Versatile Alternative to Handrails from Home Depot

For do-it-yourselfers, Home Depot is, many times, the go-to for home remodeling supplies, but when it comes to handrails, materials from Home Depot can’t create the modern, sleek, and versatile look that is desired in both commercial and residential buildings. There are also challenges when it comes to meeting ADA regulations and building code requirements. 

With limited materials and extensive labor required for installation, Home Depot handrails fall short of handrail requirements. Promenaid offers a more versatile alternative to handrails from Home Depot, one that not only lives up to modern design styles, but provides for easy installation, innovative design solutions, and compliance across residential, commercial, and ADA guidelines.

Handrails from Home Depot

Labor Intensive Brackets

Whether you’re choosing aluminum or wood handrails for steps, both require labor intensive installation. Handrails can be cut to length fairly easily, but the process to attach the handrails to the wall becomes much more difficult. 

Stair handrail brackets from Home Depot are sold separately from the handrails themselves, so the first step is to ensure that you’ve purchased enough brackets to accommodate the handrail length. The brackets must then be attached to the railing with screws before being attached to the stud. Attaching brackets to the handrail with screws requires incredibly precise measurements to ensure that once the brackets are affixed to the railing, they line up perfectly with the studs.

In the event that you mismeasure, the brackets can be moved, but they leave behind unsightly holes in the handrail. In wood handrails, these blemishes can be filled in, sanded, and stained to match the rest of the handrail. When using aluminum, the holes can’t be filled in and will remain for the life of the handrail.

Unreliable Strength

Since the brackets are attached to the railing and wall with screws, there is a greater chance that the screws can become loose and create an unstable railing. Handrail strength comes from two aspects. The first from where the bracket is attached to the railing itself, and the second, where the bracket is attached to the wall at a stud. 

The commonly-used #8 screws are often too narrow and not long enough to reach through the bracket and comfortably bite into the stud through the drywall. If screws become loose at either point, the handrail becomes unstable and creates a danger for those using it for support. A better alternative is to use #12 screws, at 2-½” long that will achieve a better structural hold. 

Lack of Customization for Continuous Installations

Home Depot handrails for interior and exterior applications have the option of adding handrail-to-handrail connectors, elbows, and wall mounts. However, these are sold separately and must be tediously measured and installed. Endcaps are also available.

The complexity of the process of installing Home Depot handrails for outdoor steps or interior stairs is further complicated when ADA compliance and building codes are considered. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  and the Residential Building Code require that handrails meet certain specifications. Home Depot aluminum handrails require that the homeowner verify code compliance for both the ADA and local and international building code requirements. Many of Home Depot’s wood handrails do not meet the requirements for these codes. 

Limited Color Options

Home Depot handrails for stairs offer limited color options. Many of the wood options are unfinished and require staining or seal-coating before installing. Their aluminum option has a brushed aluminum finish, and no other color options are available.

Home Depot Materials


The majority of Home Depot handrails  are unfinished wood such as poplar, pine, white oak, hard maple, and red oak. Finished beech is one of the few finished wood options, meaning that the majority of the wood handrail options will require additional work to finish with stain, seal-coating, or paint.

Due to the nature of the wood handrails, they are only recommended for interior use, eliminating the possibility of deck handrails or outdoor handrails in general. Wood handrails also have the added complication of warping over time, requiring replacement handrails.


Home Depot offers one option for aluminum handrails. The aluminum handrail can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. To mount the handrails to the wall, Home Depot sells grey powder coated brackets separately. The brackets must then be attached to the handrail with screws, and the hardware isn’t included to attach the mount to the wall.

A Better Alternative to Home Depot Handrails

Benefits of Promenaid

Promenaid is the world’s first handrail combining beautiful styling, easy installation, code compliance, and speed — all delivered to your door in as little as 24 hours.

Elegant Styling

Promenaid’s contemporary handrails are a stylish addition to any residential or commercial space. They seamlessly complement modern architecture or provide an eye-catching contrast to traditional design. A divergence from traditional railings, Promenaid continuous handrails balance smart sophistication without compromising safety or durability.

The satin-anodized aluminum models are available in a range of colors for every need. If you’re looking for a wood handrail, look no further than Promenaid TrueWoodTM. Using an innovative manufacturing process, a layer of genuine Red Oak or Black Walnut wood is permanently bonded to the aluminum core. These unique wood-wrapped handrails have the structural integrity of a durable metal with the warmth and natural beauty of real wood.

Versatile and Easy to Install

Promenaid handrails are extremely versatile. From the selection of satin anodized and wood wrapped finishes to the ease of installation, our handrails will give you peace of mind along with style and versatility.

Our satin anodized and wood wrapped handrails create a beautiful and modern continuous handrail that is easy-to-install with our modular system and can easily and quickly accommodate any change in elevation or turn around a corner. 

The reliable and hassle-free handrail brackets from Promenaid come in a variety of powder coated finishes that enhance the entire railing system’s aesthetics. You can mix and match handrail and hardware colors for a wide variety of finished product styles. Our installation hardware is included with every handrail, so you never have to worry about having the right materials for installation.

A Bracketing System With a Twist

The groundbreaking, patented twist lock bracket solution that we invented at Promenaid is a versatile alternative to traditional screw-in brackets. The 3 screws on the plate are designed to fit perfectly in-line with any width of stud. Promenaid’s patented bracket twist lock bracketing system can safely sustain 500 lbs of weight per bracket, meaning each additional bracket allows the railing system to support an additional 500lbs.

But the real star of this bracketing system lies in the railing attachment mechanism. With a twist and click design that can slide and adjust to any position along the railing, these brackets can be installed at customizable increments for nearly limitless stud spacing requirements. 

The incorporated pivoting design means that you can angle the railing system to just about any slope while leaving the bracket aligned with the vertical stud. This makes these brackets extremely easy to install and a versatile solution for any project.

Instantly Create A Continuous Handrail

The seamless, pivoting elbows from Promenaid offer unparalleled flexibility. They make continuous handrail installation a breeze, no matter the shape or angle of your stairwell, ramp, or hallway. These amazing articulating elbows magically adjust to make any corner or slope transition smooth, simple and precise, while maintaining aesthetics and structural integrity.

ADA, Residential, and Commercial Code Compliant

With Promenaid, you can rest assured that no matter which handrail you choose, it will be ADA, Residential, and Commercial code compliant. We’ve done the work for you, so all you have to do is order the handrails, knowing that they will meet your needs, and will satisfy the requirements set out to ensure the safety of all who use them.

Integrated Lighting

Integrated LED lighting allows you to go a step further in ensuring safety when travelling on stairs or ramps. The LED lighting locks into a patented channel and after installing the vinyl anti-slip extrusion, fits flush to the handrail. This design ensures a sleek, round profile. These dimmable, high intensity lights, create pleasing cones of light that illuminate the stairway or ramp to your exact specifications.

If you’re looking for the perfect handrail for your home or business, look no further than Promenaid. Beautiful. Customized. Overnight.  Contact us now for more information.

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