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Introducing Promenaid® Endura™ in Satin Black

Continuing the promise of a better handrail anywhere you need one

Better, because Promenaid® delivers what no other handrail can – strength, durability, elegance and speed – all in one package.

Strength: Complies with residential, commercial and institutional building codes. Promenaid can support over 1000 lbs.

Durability: For beauty that lasts, anodizing makes all the difference! Unlike painted finishes, Promenaid scratch and weather-resistant anodizing is an integral coating with a smooth metallic lustre that will never flake or chip.

Elegance: Promenaid’s timeless design integrates with any décor. Now available in Endura™ Satin Black in addition to Champagne Silver, Architectural Bronze, TrueWood™ Red Oak and TrueWood™ Black Walnut.

Speed: Elegant, custom handrails from standard parts. From 18 inches to 1800 feet, specified, shipped, and installed in as little as two days.

No other handrail comes close

Promenaid manufactures continuous code-compliant handrails for all applications including stairs, ramps, grab rails, and secondary handrails. Ideal for ADA and accessibility, new construction or remodeling, indoor, outdoor, residential, commercial, or institutional use. Promenaid’s innovative design and engineering sets a new standard for quality, value, reliability, versatility, and ease of installation.

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