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A Customizable Alternative to Standard Handrails from Lowes

When you’re in need of a handrail to create additional safety for stairways, ramps, hallways, or walkways there are many options to choose from. Big home improvement chains sell handrail systems that seem simple and fairly straightforward, but in reality, installation can prove tricky.

Unfortunately, handrail systems from home improvement chains, such as Lowe’s, don’t offer many options for customization. So if you’re in a situation where you need a continuous handrail to turn corners, or bend to accommodate a change in slope, you likely won’t find the solution at Lowe’s.

Luckily, for custom specifications, Promenaid offers a specialized approach to handrails. With a patented handrail system, easy installation, stylish finishes, and incredible versatility, Promenaid handrails can be fully customized to any stairway, walkway, ramp, or hallway. They can even be installed in bathrooms and showers to provide support in an environment that is known to cause slips and falls.

Handrails at Lowes

Lack of versatility

Lowes handrails lack versatility in both length, finish, and installation options. From outdoor to interior handrails, Lowe’s offers set handrail lengths from 3ft to 12ft. Pre-cut lengths can be convenient for simple projects if you need handrails for a short set of concrete steps or a Lowe’s deck handrail. But for more complex projects, these handrails just won’t cut it. 

Lowe’s stair handrails don’t offer options that allow the handrail to bend around corners, splice together to create longer lengths, or bend due to a change in slope and elevation. 

There are limited finish options for handrails at Lowe’s, which means that it could be difficult to find the color or material to suit your style and needs.

Code compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires a continuous railing on both sides of stairways and ramps. While Lowe’s metal and wood handrails themselves conform to some aspects of the ADA, they don’t have the flexibility or options that allow them to navigate turns and slopes, creating a continuous handrail no matter the design and configuration of the stairway.

Residential and commercial codes also require a continuous handrail in most situations. Without the capacity to create bends and turns, outside handrails from Lowe’s (as well as their interior handrails) make it difficult to comply with state and local codes and regulations.

Aesthetically simple

Stairway handrails at Lowe’s come in aluminum with various powder-coated finishes or as unfinished wood. These aesthetically simple finishes have a difficult time keeping up with both modern and traditional designs that are the focal point of many homes and businesses. 

Basic brackets

The brackets included with aluminum handrails and wood handrails at Lowe’s are basic brackets that are extruded and cut or cast in light-duty metal. The handrails, whether metal or wood, require pre-drilling. The brackets must then be screwed directly to the handrail, making any later adjustments difficult and time consuming.

Handrail Materials That Big Chain Stores Offer


If choosing wood handrails for interior stairs from Lowe’s or Lowe’s exterior handrails for steps, the unfinished fir or hardwood will need to be stained and sealed to ensure pleasing aesthetics and protection against use and the elements. Wood is prone to splitting and must be checked frequently to ensure it hasn’t developed splits or splinters.


Aluminum handrails from Lowe’s are long-lasting and durable, but with limited powder-coated finishes, they are utilitarian and don’t enhance the aesthetics of the home or business’s design. The screws and fittings are exposed, detracting from the handrail’s profile and design.

A Better Alternative to Lowes Handrails

As an alternative to simple aluminum or wood handrails from Lowe’s, Promenaid offers a fully customizable solution. Promenaid makes the world’s first code-compliant continuous handrail that combines elegance and versatility while being easier to install than a standard handrail.

Benefits of Promenaid

  1. Highly versatile

Promenaid handrails can be used anywhere; hallways, stairs, bathrooms, walkways, ramps–in wet or dry conditions. Promenaid has been engineered to create a continuous handrail, and they provide options that allow handrails to climb stairs and navigate any corner or change in slope.

  1. Code compliance

All building codes and ADA require a continuous handrail along certain stairways and ramps, but in the event that the stairway or ramp contains a turn or change in elevation, standard Lowe’s handrails aren’t able to accommodate the changes.

Promenaid has created a handrail that pairs with a variety of bends and turns that allow it to change slope or create turns in seconds. These connectors ensure a continuous handrail no matter the design of the stairway or ramp. ADA compliant wall returns further ensure that ADA regulations are met.

  1. Easy to install

Standard handrails from Lowe’s require pre-drilling before the brackets can be attached to the handrail surface. Once the brackets are attached to the handrails, there are holes that can’t be removed in the event that the locations were mismeasured or the studs don’t line up.

Promenaid’s brackets are die-cast for consistency and quality, and their revolutionary design locks into a continuous channel that runs the length of the handrail. With a simple twist, brackets can be secured in the channel or unlocked to move to a new location. The channel is then covered with a simple to use vinyl insert, creating a smooth profile and perfectly circular profile.

  1. Finishes

Promenaid offers hard-anodized aluminum handrails available in Satin Black, Champagne Silver, Clear Silver, or Architectural Bronze to complement both modern and traditional décor. The satin-anodized finish is scratch and weather-resistant. Anodizing creates an integral finish with a smooth metallic lustre that will never flake or chip.

TrueWood™ wrapped handrails are a revolutionary durable aluminum railing wrapped in real red oak or black walnut, varnished and ready for use. The red oak is also available unfinished, so it can be stained the perfect color for your design. These handrails use 50 times less hardwood to produce than solid wood handrails such as those offered at Lowe’s. They are aluminum at the core, so they never warp, the way that traditional wood is prone to.

  1. Revolutionary design

Promenaid handrails were born from the need for a versatile handrail that is easy to install and fully customizable. The revolutionary design features a continuous handrail, a variety of bends and connectors, and a vinyl insert that creates a smooth, circular profile. 

Choose a Customizable Handrail

Home improvement chains contain a wide variety of products useful for a wide variety of purposes, but this diversity also means that their ability to customize products to your specific needs is severely limited.

At Promenaid, all of our focus is on handrails. We are knowledgeable and passionate about our product and will go the extra mile to ensure your project meets all of its requirements.

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