Retrofitting for Accessibility in 24 hours

Accessible Homes of Florida has provided retrofits for thousands of residents who need special care so they could remain in their homes. Each space is as different as each owner’s needs and circumstances, which made sourcing ADA code-compliant handrails a real challenge. Finding a versatile system that could accommodate
endless configurations seemed impossible. Promenaid handrails and grab bars gave Accessible Homes of Florida the flexibility they needed to transform a bathroom in one day without having to hire specialized labor.

feet of handrail
grab bar


Homeowners and their caretakers contact Accessible Homes of Florida because they want to remain in place but need some type of renovation to address a mobility challenge. What seems like a simple bathroom transformation comes with a host of issues and code-compliance standards that have to be met under a limited budget. It seems overwhelming yet Accessible Homes of Florida is able to renovate a bathroom in a single day for every client by installing a walk-in-shower that is built off-site and installed in 24 hours.

Single-family residential spaces aren’t the only places with this problem. Private-pay senior living facilities are also challenged to meet the needs of their residents but don’t want their units to look institutional. In order to meet market demands, they must embrace the latest design trends, remain code compliant, and flip each unit as quickly as possible. Grab bars and handrails should look like they were made for a high-end boutique hotel, not a hospital.


Promenaid’s handrail system is designed to address the mobility needs that seniors often require. By designing a system that considers all of the needs of those using the system and those who install it, they truly understand that the real service they provide is making people feel safe and comfortable at home. Promenaid handrails and grab bars arrive cut to any size needed – to the inch – or can be easily trimmed on the jobsite, can be installed in 15 minutes, look beautiful, and have zero lead times. For Accessible Homes of Florida, it’s mission accomplished.

“For us, it’s all about the care of the people. No one wants their home to look institutional because it puts a spotlight on their challenges. Promenaid handrails are beautiful and ordering them is as easy as installing them. We’ve never seen anything like it.”

– Joe Heagy, Accessible Homes of Florida