Modular Mixed-Use Residential Needed Brackets That Move to Match the Studs

The design-build process can save both time and money but requires ingenuity and flexibility to be successful. The MLK, a mixed-use multifamily project in Austin, Texas was no exception. When the modular walls arrived without proper blocking, the challenge became to find a handrail system with brackets that could be moved to match the placement of the studs but still align with the design vision.

square feet
feet of handrail
hours per stairwell


KRDB is a design-build group that consistently tests and pushes the materials and methods of how they build. Every project must balance rigorous material scrutiny, aesthetics, lead times, and labor costs. KRDB originally specifed a handrail system to match the clean, sleek style of the build. They were unwilling to compromise on looks or ease of installation just
because the site was difcult. Handrails can be a challenge to install in the best of circumstances.

When the specifed product arrived, it was clear that it wouldn’t work for several reasons. The system wasn’t flexible enough to accommodate the modular walls that did not have the proper blocking to support it. But that wasn’t the only issue. The handrail system was complicated and required specialized labor. The original spec was thrown out and the search began to find a truly flexible solution with superior quality.

This project called for a handrail system that was beautiful, flexible, had zero lead-time, and came with exceptional customer service to ensure they had the right parts for the job.


Promenaid handrails fit the bill, providing the flexibility to easily reposition the brackets to match the

locations of the studs. Because Promenaid is a beautiful product that is easy to install, code-compliant,

and ready to ship immediately, the team’s buy-in was a simple one. Problem solved.

handrail system that became a centerpiece of the property. Even better, the handrails were easily installed by two untrained laborers and required zero lead time.

“There are some nice handrails out there, but most are so complicated they’re really expensive to install. We needed a system that had movable brackets, looked good, and didn’t cost a mint. Promenaid delivered what the competition couldn’t.”

– Dan Dunigan, Senior Project Manager, KRDB