When architect David Reich went looking for a handrail to install in his home, his search for a sturdy and attractive solution came up empty. There was simply nothing on the market that combined strength and beauty with ease of installation.

His idea: a modular handrail system, optimized for a secure grip, with brackets that could clip in anywhere along the railing to align easily with wall studs. The result, after four years of development, is the patented PromenAid™ continuous handrail system.

PromenAid™ is the first and only modular handrail that can be used anywhere - hallways, stairs, bathrooms, walkways - in dry or wet conditions. Available in a modern champagne-anodized finish, or in a rich architectural bronze finish with antique brass accessories to complement the traditional décor, PromenAid meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and complies with international residential and commercial standards.

Ordered pre-cut or trimmed to length on site with a standard miter saw, PromenAid™ installs quickly and requires absolutely no finishing.

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