4 ways to buy PromenAid handrail:

Buy complete handrail kits online
If you need a straight handrail in any length, order our most popular kits or use our online wizard to assemble and purchase a custom kit complete with railing, brackets, and endcaps. Kits come pre-cut and ready to install. May be used indoors or out, in wet or dry environments. Screws sold separately.

Buy individual handrail components online
If your handrail installation includes corners, bends, or slope changes, or if you just prefer to buy handrail components separately rather than in a kit, we can supply everything you need. Individual railings may still be ordered pre-cut to any length. For complex installations (like winding staircases, for example) we recommend that you order a few extra inches on each railing section and trim them in place using a miter saw with a carbide blade. More installation information can be found in our tools and guides.

Find a dealer
Our national network of dealers can supply custom kits or components at the same price as factory-direct. Better yet, they offer expert assistance and, in most cases, installation services if you need them.

Contact us
Submit an inquiry, send us an email, or call us toll-free at 1 (888) 992-4943. We're here to help.