• Home of elderly individual requiring continuous support.
  • Contour flex connectors allow railing to navigate tight corners, narrow... more
  • Community-based group home for intellectually handicapped
  • Bilateral railings required for steep staircase
  • Community-based group home for intellectually handicapped
  • Railing on inside winder required for steep staircase
  • Substantial... more
Bend and joggle around staircase wall
Modern handrail with two 32-degree bends creating joggle for ledge
Supplemental handrail to complement stair lift.
90-degree universal joint reconfigured to create a 3/4-inch joggle
Continuous handrails on four floors of a seniors residence. 1700' total installed in less than a week.
  • Customer confined to ground floor due to stroke, dining room converted to bedroom
  • Installation of PromenAid allowed access to entire... more
Continuous handrail to provide a guide and a balance aid for a blind resident
PromenAid posts and handrail on an extra-long ramp
  • Homeowner returned from rehab following hip replacement
  • Railing required on short notice
  • Shipped and installed in 2 days... more
  • Office retro-fitted to comply with building code
  • Installation of 325' required less than 1 day
  • Installed between front door of house and driveway
  • Mobility support for homeowner to transfer from mobilized scooter into adapted... more
  • Elderly homeowner concerned about falls in icy, slippery conditions
  • PromenAid manufactured from rust-resistant materials
  • ... more
  • User grasps railing while opening door to maintain maximum stability
  • 3 points of contact ensures stability (i.e. both feet plus one... more