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Introducing Integra

The evolution of the grab bar just took a big step forward

Grab bars

Our sleek new Integra grab bars will increase the safety and security of your home whether it’s for bathrooms, doorways or anywhere you need one – indoors and out.

Available in any size and easy to install, especially in places other grab bars look out of place or simply can’t fit. Elegant and versatile, Integra Grab Bars fit your designs – not the other way around.

Trimmed grab bar

Can be trimmed easily to fit any stud spacing.


Easy to install, even in places other grab bars can’t fit.

Tired of the grab bar vs. stud fight? Integra changes everything. Available in standard sizes or custom lengths. Even better, they can be easily trimmed on-site to fit any stud spacing.


Elegant design and finishes to match every décor

But it’s about more than just getting the job done. Integra Grab Bars add a note of elegance to any room or décor. Choose from our satin anodized Endura finish or TrueWood genuine hardwood.


A solution that doesn’t sacrifice style for safety and mobility

The first grab bar that eliminates unsightly flanges for a sleek look, Integra Grab Bars can be installed in places other grab bars simply can’t fit. The Endura anodized finish stands up to dry, wet, and even salt spray conditions.


Build strong, they exceed all building codes

Combining strength with style, Integra’s invisible wall-mounting hardware supports up to 700 lbs. Extra grip is provided by the non-slip vinyl insert with anti-bacterial treatment.

Grab bar next to bay window

Grab bar in the kitchen

Available finishes

Available in beautiful finishes that blend with any décor, you now have a solution that doesn’t sacrifice style for safety and mobility.
Endura anodized aluminium
Handrail - Silver Wall Return

Champagne Silver

Hnadrail - Silver Endcap

Architectural Bronze

Handrail Endcap Silver 1Grab Bar Silver

Satin Black

TrueWood™ genuine wood-wrapped aluminium
Handrail Endcaps Bronze - 2

Red Oak

Grab Bar BronzeGrab Bar Black

Black Walnut

How easy to install? Watch our how-to videos or read our our documentation

Fits with ease

There’s never been a grab bar easier or faster to install. With invisible wall connectors, they look nothing like a traditional grab bar.

Built strong, they exceed all buildings codes too.

Grab Bar - Fits with ease
1. End piece attaches to railing
2. Collar: clamps on disk & elbow
3. Wall mount disc: mounts to stud


Promenaid is proud to be accredited by the following organizations:

adaibcCAOT - ACEVGM - Live at home

Why our customers love Promenaid handrails

They love them because Promenaid makes their decision easy. Whether you’re concerned about style, strength, building code, ease of installation or any combination of the above, Promenaid makes your choice – and your life easy.

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Contact us to find out how easy and fast it is to have your Promenaid handrail designed, delivered, and installed.


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