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Handrail Kits Canada

Promenaid Handrails Kits

Promenaid offers pre-configured kits, which are available for purchase online on Amazon. Our kits are available in 5 finishes and can be used in wet or dry environments, indoors or outside.

Placing an order is 2 easy steps:

  1. Click on the Railing finish & Endcap combination you desire
  2. Select the length

Straight runs are available from 18” to 18’. Kits of 4’ or less (18”, 2’, 3’ and 4’) are available on Amazon Prime.

Every kit is complete with all the installation materials you’ll need:

  • Railing* + vinyl channel insert
  • Brackets – Quantity determined by length of railing (1 bracket per 32”)
  • 2 end caps (flush fit or ADA wall returns)
  • Bracket screws (3/bracket)
  • Set of screws

*Lengths longer than 9 feet ship in 2 sections, with a hidden splice also included.

Anodized & Truewood Handrail
Our handrail kits are sold on Amazon

For more information and to buy a handrail kit on Amazon, select your preffered finish and end option:

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Black Walnut Finish
FlushEndcaps - 2
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Satin Black Finish
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If you have a more customized handrail need, one which must go around corners, navigate slope changes or simply any length to the inch, please call us and we will be happy to help you choose the right pieces.

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