Handrail finishes

Endura Anodized Aluminum

  • Available in Satin Black, Satin White, Silver, Champagne, and Architectural Bronze
  • 18-micron anodized finish, the thickest in the industry, is scratch and corrosion resistant
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, in wet or dry environments. Resists salt spray too!

TrueWood Genuine Wood-wrapped Aluminum

  • Available in unfinished Red Oak, pre-finished Red Oak and pre-finished Black Walnut
  • TrueWood is a thin layer of real hardwood, permanently bonded to an aluminum core
  • More dent-resistant than solid wood, and will never warp
  • Pre-finished TrueWood has a UV-cured urethane clear coating. Unfinished Red Oak may be stained and varnished to match most existing finishes
  • TrueWood is recommended for indoor use in dry environments only

Hardware finishes

Durable powder-coated epoxy and polyester finishes on solid zinc castings

  • Available in Satin Black, Silver, Champagne, Architectural Bronze, and Antique Brass
  • Colors complement, but will not exactly match, anodized handrail finishes
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, in wet or dry environments. Resists salt spray too!

Endcap styles

Flush endcap

  • Clean and simple appearance
  • Clip in place and fasten permanently with supplied set screws
  • Do not comply with local codes requiring handrail returns to the wall

ADA Return endcap

  • Complies with the ADA and all local building codes requiring wall returns
  • Clips in place and fastens permanently with a supplied set screw
  • ADA return endcaps add approximately 2-1/2” each to railing length

Bracket styles

Pivoting bracket

  • Classic rectilinear shape
  • Clips in place and pivots to align vertically with wall studs
  • Attaches to wood studs with three supplied screws. May also attach to other materials with wall anchors or alternate fastener types

Sprocketlock bracket

  • Elegant round shape looks good at any angle
  • Clamps securely in railing channel
  • Supplied with single lag bolt to attach to wood studs or substitute alternate fastener if desired for any other wall construction.
  • Attachment screw is completely hidden when bracket is assembled

Overall length (inches)

  • Enter the overall length desired, in inches, including the railing and endcaps
  • The system will automatically calculate the length of railing required, depending on endcaps selected. Example: Enter 72 inches and select ADA return endcaps. The railing tube in your handrail kit will be 67 inches long and the overall length, when the two endcaps are installed, will be 72 inches