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Smart styling to complement any home


The world’s first handrail combining elegance, versatility, easy installation and code compliance for every type of construction. Promenaid® handrails climb stairs and navigate any corner or change in slope so you can safely go where you want to go.

Our modular components and simple mounting technology allow Promenaid to be installed quickly and easily. Plus they are designed to exceed commercial safety standards and to bring peace of mind to every home.


Promenaid handrails don’t just exceed all safety standards, they fit in your lifestyle.


Elegant design and finishes to match every décor

Classic, contemporary, and chic, Promenaid handrails are a stylish addition to any home, place of business or institution. They handsomely balance smart sophistication with everyday functionality and add refinement that extends throughout the house. Promenaid satin-anodized aluminum handrails are available in Satin Black, Champagne Silver or Architectural Bronze to complement both modern and traditional décor.

Promenaid TrueWood™ wrapped aluminum handrail, in Black Walnut, pre-finished Red Oak (or un-finished, which can be stained to the colour of your choice), is the world’s first and only fully functional handrail with the warmth and natural beauty of real wood. Combine any handrail with your choice of solid metal brackets and fittings in Satin Black, triple-plated in Matte Nickel or Antique Brass for enduring beauty.

Learn more about our handrail kits, stair handrails and ada-compliant handrails.


Anywhere. Any configuration.

Our innovative handrails and grab bars can be installed anywhere – walkways, stairways, baths, showers – and easily change direction to accommodate every slope or corner without a break.

They can adapt to the geometries of any staircase or room, giving homeowners and business owners optimal versatility. Offering uninterrupted support, Promenaid easily changes direction to accommodate every slope or corner without a break. And, with a design theme that is consistent and elegant, the flow of your handrail will integrate seamlessly with your architectural creativity.

Learn more about our handrail kits and handrail components.


Inside or outside, Promenaid handrails deliver reliable performance.

Adjustable elbows and ADA endcaps easily comply with the new Residential Code requiring continuous bends and wall returns. Promenaid handrails are designed to exceed commercial safety standards and bring peace of mind to every home. How strong and dependable are Promenaid handrails? Each bracket supports over 500 pounds.

Reliable means strong, but also durable

Promenaid® Endura™ Anodized Finish: For beauty that lasts, anodizing makes all the difference! Unlike painted finishes, Promenaid scratch and weather-resistant anodizing is an integral finish with a smooth metallic lustre that will never flake or chip.

Promenaid TrueWood™: Promenaid TrueWood is a thin layer of genuine wood bonded to the patented Promenaid aluminum core. At 15 thousandths of an inch, the wood takes on the hardness of the aluminum, rendering it effectively dent and scratch resistant. Not only that, they’re immune to humidity, creating a wood handrail that never warps and is dead true regardless of length.

Hardware: All hardware is manufactured from die-cast zinc with additional protective layers to withstand the elements – indoors, outdoors, showers, walkways and marine/salty environments. Our hardware is offered a variety of finishes, some of which are pictured below. To view all our hardware options and components, click here.


Get the job done in as little as one day

Our modular handrail components and simple mounting technology allow Promenaid to be installed quickly and easily — just like building blocks — so disruptions are minimized like never before.

Promenaid handrails cut cleanly with a standard miter saw, or order them pre-cut from our factory. The patented brackets instantly align with wall studs, can be repositioned at any time, lock in place with a simple twist, and adjust to any slope. Then there are our amazing articulating elbows that magically adjust to make any corner or slope transition smooth, simple and precise.

The installed cost of Promenaid is lower than any comparable option. No special tools, gluing or sanding required. Clip it together, screw it to the wall, and go!

Whether you need a straight run or made-to measure handrail the waiting is over. While other handrails with equivalent performance require weeks or months just to manufacture, Promenaid handrails can be installed in one day.

Code Compliant

Promenaid makes complying with building code easy

Promenaid conforms to

  • The requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and all Accessibility requirements throughout North America
  • All Commercial and Institutional Codes in the US and Canada
  • Residential Code for Handrails

Promenaid adjustable elbows and wall-return endcaps (also referred to as ADA Returns) easily comply with the new Residential Code requiring continuous bends and wall returns.

Available finishes

Available in beautiful finishes that blend with any décor, you now have a solution that doesn’t sacrifice style for safety and mobility.
Endura anodized aluminum:
Finish with a smooth metallic lustre that will never flake or chip

Satin Black


Architectural Bronze

Champagne Silver

TrueWood™ genuine wood-wrapped aluminum:
Aluminum railing wrapped in real oak or walnut, scratch resistant.

Red Oak

Black Walnut

Triple-plated brackets and fittings
Build to withstand the elements – indoors and outdoors.

Satin Black


Architectural Bronze


Antique Brass

How easy to install? Watch our how-to videos or read our our documentation

Promenaid goes wherever you need to go.

Easily changes direction to accomodate every slope or corner without a break. Can be used indoors or outdoors.


Promenaid is proud to be accredited by the following organizations:

adaibcCAOT - ACEVGM - Live at home

Why our customers love Promenaid handrails

They love them because Promenaid makes their decision easy. Whether you’re concerned about style, strength, building code, ease of installation or any combination of the above, Promenaid makes your choice – and your life easy.

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Contact us to find out how easy and fast it is to have your Promenaid handrail designed, delivered, and installed.


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