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Frequently Asked Questions

Promenaid has gathered the questions most commonly asked when selecting, measuring, installing, shipping and placing orders for our handrail kits. Feel free to browse the questions to quickly find the appropriate solution.

Ordering and shipping

When will I receive my order?
How will I know when my order has shipped?
What if I'm not home when my order arrives?
Why was my credit card declined?
Which credit cards do you accept?
What is your return policy?


Can Promenaid be used outdoors?
Can Promenaid be used in a shower or bath?
Why not use traditional decorative handrails?
What is 'anodized' aluminum and why is it superior?
What is TrueWood™ and why is it superior?
Where are your products made?


How many screws will I need?
What is the correct bracket spacing?
What supplies will I need to install Promenaid railing?
What is the correct height for handrails?
How do I measure stairs for handrails?
How do I install the railing at an angle?
How do I tighten the bracket head screw?
How do I install Promenaid railing on a tiled wall?
Can I attach Promenaid brackets to steel studs?
Can I install Promenaid railing where there is no wall?
What screws should I use for brick or concrete?
What is the maximum railing length?
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