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A new Promenaid pricelist will be available on April 15 2019. Please continue to use the existing version until then.

The Promenaid pricelist is a macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet.
It is compatible with PCs running Excel 2007 or later, and Macs running Excel 2011 or later.

Click to download the latest pricelist – Version 2019.01


  1. Download the spreadsheet and save it to a convenient location on your computer
  2. The first time you use it you will be prompted to ‘Enable Macros’ or ‘Enable Content’. Click ‘Yes’ and save the spreadsheet. You will not be asked again unless you change the name of the file. (NB: If your Excel is set to “Disable all macros without notification” you will need to change this to “Disable all macros withnotification”)
  3. Take the video tutorial below. It will guide you through the complete process of setting up and using the pricelist
  4. Enter your company information and dealer discount on the Info tab of the spreadsheet
  5. Print the Manual Form if you need to record an order on paper when a computer is unavailable
  6. Use the Order Form to automate the order process. Follow the wizard instructions to automatically add handrail lengths, brackets, and fittings to your order
  7. Modify your order or add additional items in the lower portion of the form
  8. Use the Save As… button to save a copy of the completed order, and email the file to

Using the Promenaid pricelist – 3-part video tutorial

Do you have the latest Promenaid brochure?

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