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Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, architect, designer or someone concerned with preventing falls, you can easily shop online to find the best handrail or handrail kit and it will be delivered within a few days. You can also find a dealer within your area to learn more about Promenaid handrails.

3 ways to buy a Promenaid handrail or grab bar:

Buy a handrail kit Shop by handrail components Find a dealer

Thinking of installing a handrail or a grab bar yourself?

Contractors or tradespeople

We welcome contractors, architects, architectural specifiers, designers and any construction professionals to contact us about your project and/or specifications. We’re happy to help build the spec, determine materials and pricing and work out the most cost-effective logistics with you.

Contact us to find out how easy and fast it is to have your Promenaid handrail designed, delivered, and installed.


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