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How to Purchase by Component

Place an order in 2 easy steps

1. Download our price list

2. Contact our team to order on the phone: 1-888-992-4943

Thinking of installing a handrail yourself?
It’s as simple as A-B-C

A. Choose your handrail finish
B. Choose your bracket finish
C. Choose your endcap

A. Select your handrail finish

Patented full length channel, clip-in brackets and fittings. Trim to length if desired with a standard miter saw. Included vinyl anti-slip insert.
Endura anodized aluminum:
Finish with a smooth metallic lustre that will never flake or chip

Anodized Champagne Silver

Champagne Silver

Handrail Bronze

Architectural Bronze

Handrail Satin Black

Satin Black

TrueWood™ genuine wood-wrapped aluminum:
Aluminum railing wrapped in real oak or walnut, scratch resistant.

Handrail Red Oak

Red Oak

Handrail Black Walnut

Black Walnut

B. Select your bracket finish

Recommended spacing 32″. Includes 3 stainless steel 2½” #12 screws.

Matte Nickel

Antique Brass

Satin Black

C. Select your endcaps finish and shape

Choose between flush fit or wall return endcaps.
Flush-fit endcaps:

Matte Nickel

Antique Brass

Satin Black


ADA wall return endcaps

Matte Nickel

Antique Brass

Satin Black

Additional project considerations:

We also have other components for customized solutions

Wall connections
Want to mount a railing “butt-ended” to a wall? We also offer a selection of wall connections.

Articulating elbows & fixed bends
Check out our patented articulating elbows and fixed bends to navigate a slope change or corner.

No wall? No problem. We have posts.

If you need help, we have online tools for you:

Contact us to find out how easy and fast it is to have your Promenaid handrail designed, delivered, and installed.


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