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How to Purchase by Component

Standalone components for your projects, including bends, end caps, brackets, tubing, and accessories are available directly from Promenaid.   If you know what you need, you can shop by component now, or see below for a step-by-step guide of what components you can consider selecting.

Thinking of installing a handrail yourself?
It’s as simple as A-B-C

A. Choose your handrail finish
B. Choose your bracket finish
C. Choose your endcap

A. Select your handrail finish

Patented full length channel, clip-in brackets and fittings. Trim to length if desired with a standard miter saw. Included vinyl anti-slip insert.
Endura anodized aluminum:
Finish with a smooth metallic lustre that will never flake or chip

Anodized Champagne Silver

Champagne Silver

Handrail Bronze

Architectural Bronze

Handrail Satin Black

Satin Black

TrueWood™ genuine wood-wrapped aluminum:
Aluminum railing wrapped in real oak or walnut, scratch resistant.

Handrail Red Oak

Red Oak

Handrail Black Walnut

Black Walnut

B. Select your bracket finish

Recommended spacing 32″. Includes 3 stainless steel 2½” #12 screws.

Handrail - Bracket Silver

Matte Nickel

Handrail - Bracket Bronze

Antique Brass

Handrail - Bracket Satin Black

Satin Black

C. Select your endcaps finish and shape

Choose between flush fit or wall return endcaps.
Flush-fit endcaps:

Handrail - Endcap Black

Matte Nickel

Handrail - Endcap Bronze

Antique Brass

Hnadrail - Endcap Black

Satin Black


ADA wall return endcaps

Handrail - Wall Return Silver

Matte Nickel

Handrail - Wall Return Bronze

Antique Brass

Handrail - Wall Return Satin Black

Satin Black

Additional project considerations:

We also have other components for customized solutions

Handrail - Wall Connection

Wall connections
Want to mount a railing “butt-ended” to a wall? We also offer a selection of wall connections.

Handrail - Articulating Elbow

Articulating elbows & fixed bends
Check out our patented articulating elbows and fixed bends to navigate a slope change or corner.


No wall? No problem. We have posts.

Shop by Component Online

Standalone Components for your projects, including bends, end caps, brackets, tubing, and accessories are available directly from Promenaid.

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Shop by Component by Phone

You can also place your order by phone

1. Download our price list

2. Contact our team to order on the phone: 1-888-992-4943

If you need help, we have online tools for you:

Contact us to find out how easy and fast it is to have your Promenaid handrail designed, delivered, and installed.


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