9 Things to Look For In a Shower Grab Bar

September 21, 2023

Janis Hubina

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Shower grab bars provide added safety and stability to a slippery environment. When deciding which grab bar to install as a shower safety bar, it’s important to consider a variety of factors. From providing adequate support to ensuring that the design is rust- resistant, these 9 things to look for in a shower grab bar will help make the decision quick and easy.

1. Support

Shower grab bars are particularly important to install in places where the elderly or those with general mobility issues will be using the shower. They provide the support necessary to make showering as safe as possible.

The purpose of a shower safety grab bar is to support those that have trouble navigating the slippery environment of a shower or struggle to step into and out of the bathtub. Promenaid’s shower safety grab bars support up to 500 lbs. of force, per bracket, in any direction. This strength and reliability ensures that they can be counted on when they are needed most.

2. Versatility and Continuous Capability

Shower designs vary greatly, which creates the need for shower safety handles that are durable and customizable.Fortunately, Promenaid handrails can turn corners, change slope with ease, and remain continuous. Fitting in places you usually wouldn’t see them, Promenaid’s shower grab bars can resolve even the most unique and extraordinary situations. 

3. ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act has standards to ensure that different spaces are safe and accessible for those with disabilities, and shower safety grab bars are included in the requirements. Promenaid’s patented handrail design adheres to all ADA  grab bar standards, making it the easy choice.

4. Grip

Arguably, the most important feature to a shower grab bar is its grip. Our round profile allows for a power grip where the fingers can curl  towards the thumb. The maximum grip strength that comes from a power grip means that the shower grab bar can truly provide the best support needed in a shower. The best part? Because Promenaid’s grab bars meet ADA requirements, they are the safest shower safety grab bar—whether that be for the elderly or for individuals with mobility issues. 

5. Aesthetic Design

At Promenaid, we produce grab bars that are reliable as well as stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Our design starts with a beautiful continuous profile and features a variety of satin-anodized finishes to complement any decor.

6. Ease of Installation

Installing a shower grab bar shouldn’t be complicated or take forever. One of our main priorities in designing a beautiful functional shower grab bar was that it also be easy to install. 

Promenaid grab bars feature an open channel that allows the brackets to snap into place wherever they are needed to align with a stud. Once the brackets are snapped into place, a vinyl infill strip  is trimmed and placed in the channel to provide additional grip and complete the round profile.

7. Rust-Resistant Design 

Choosing a finish that is durable and rust-resistant is important to ensuring a long life and not marring the shower surface with rust runoff from the handrail, hardware, and screws. An anodized finish creates a safety grab bar that is not only incredibly durable, but it is also rust-resistant. In fact, it is the same finish used on the most durable storm doors and windows for protection from the elements. Powder-coated hardware, including bends, collars, brackets, and screws will also ensure an even coat. 

8. Stud-Friendly

Added support is the number one reason to install a shower safety bar. In order to ensure the highest level of safety, grab bars must be attached to a stud. Unfortunately, this is the most complicated part of installing a traditional grab bar. 

For standard grab bars, mounting flanges or plates are positioned on each end, but because grab bars are a fixed length, it can be difficult to get both ends on studs. This sometimes makes it extremely difficult to find.

However, there are two ways to resolve this problem, which can be used independently or in tandem. These two options include using 90-degree wall connectors at the end or brackets.

9. Anti-Bacterial

Moisture thrives in bathrooms. An important consideration to keep in mind when designing a bathroom is choosing products that won’t encourage bacteria to grow. Aluminum handrails are easy to clean. A simple wipe with mild soap and water cleans away germs, keeping them safe for everyone.

Build a Safer Shower

Whether you’re looking for shower bars for elderly homeowners or family members or simply looking for a way to add safety to your bathroom, keeping these 9 things in mind will help you choose the safest, most versatile option. For help designing the perfect handrail system, contact Promenaid today.