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I found this product and called the manufacturer directly. Rob was extremely friendly (still is), helpful, knowledgeable, and put together the ENTIRE kit including hardware that I needed to install a handrail for a resident. I was short on maintenance staff, so the project got delayed a few weeks. The new guy (he gets the blame anyway lol) accidentally threw one of the hardware boxes away (I think) while organizing the shop. Without charge, Rob sent me a replacement piece of hardware…I emailed Rob again because the 2nd box seemed to be missing one of the pieces I needed (and had previously thrown away). Today, I emailed Rob because while putting the hardware in the handrail, one of my staff overtightened and bent one of the pieces of hardware.

Without delay, without additional charge, sending from Canada, Rob has sent me additional brackets to complete our project.

I’m excited to finally see the finished product installed…perhaps I need to do it myself instead of having maintenance do it…but I seldom, if ever come across a company with greater customer service. The product looks great and will definitely purchase again when needed.

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