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PROJECT TYPE: New Construction, Residential, Single Family

Sexy Black Handrails for Modern Single-Family Homes

4 stories, 52 steps, and 1 sleek handrail that feels like money

When your buyers are the chic, sophisticated residents of Los Angeles, every detail counts. Wilton Court, a boutique single-family infill development in West Hollywood, wanted to meet the needs of a discriminating customer who considers every detail. When it came to the handrails, basic wouldn’t suffice. They had to be sleek, modern, and, most importantly, they had to convey luxury to the touch. The property developers, C&D Partners, chose Promenaid aluminum handrails in Satin Black because they had the right look, felt substantial, and could be on-site immediately.

total homes
feet of handrail


C&D Partners is a boutique developer with a focus on multi-family and small lot subdivision development projects in the Greater Los Angeles area. They take a strategic approach, seizing the opportunity to build urban infill amidst commercial spaces to capture the demand for housing stemming from rapid population growth. The challenge is how to maximize the size of the site to create single-family homes that are private, comfortable, and appealing to a design focused market.

The solution was to build upward, creating fourstory homes where the stairwell is a focal point and not an afterthought. When the time came to select handrails, the property was almost complete. The final challenge was finding an off-the-shelf handrail that looked and felt like custom.

We’re selling million-dollar-plus properties; everything we select has to feel like it. Promenaid handrails look custom and feel like money.”
Jonathon Dilworth, C & D Partners


Promenaid helped C&D Partners realize their vision for an exceptional property where every element inside the home had the look and feel of bespoke without the long lead time or the high price tag. It was also imperative that the handrails matched the sleek, modern vibe of the residence. Promenaid delivered a sexy
handrail system that became a centerpiece of the property. Even better, the handrails were easily installed by two untrained laborers and required zero lead time.


Do you need more information? Please download this case study in pdf version.

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