Code Compliant Handrails for Active-Adult Mixed-Use Multifamily

For Steel Creek Developers, success is at the crossroads of innovation and efficiency, and they measure every product they select for every project they create against that same benchmark. When the time came to select handrails for the Souris, a mixed-use development in Manitoba, Canada they choose Promenaid’s modular handrails– a smart, efficient, and beautiful system with short lead times and simple installation.

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Steel Creek Developers are on a mission to reverse population loss and strengthen rural communities by developing multi-family mixed-use properties focused on the needs of the active adult and the sophisticated traveler. Their projects are often co-created with the municipalities that they serve. This brings complexity
to the process because these beautiful and dynamic properties are designed and constructed with a strict emphasis on efficiency and value. Every detail counts and there is no tolerance for waste.

The vision for the Souris project was to seamlessly integrate a 30 room hotel into an active adult-living complex. A balance needed to be struck between safety, community, privacy, residents, and guests. The labor shortage in construction means that jobs can be delayed by the lack of trades, adding expense to the developers’ bottom line. Steel Creek Development chose to use a modular building process to achieve maximum efficiency.


Promenaid brought innovation and efficiency to the project by providing a versatile modular handrail system that is always code-compliant. While the property was under construction, every material choice came under scrutiny and the handrails were no exception. Unsatisfied with the cost of custom options,

the team was determined to find a solution that delivered style, safety, and value. Promenaid hand railings shipped to the job site in 48 hours. and were easily and efficiently installed in 11 flights of stairs by two firs timers saving both money and time.


“I think Promenaid handrails are better than custom rails. They are beautiful, strong, and easy to install. We’re going to use them on all of our projects going forward.”

– Trevor Rempel, Steel Creek Developers