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For tradespeople: Elegant design. Simple specification.

Promenaid is an ADA and code-compliant modular handrail system ideal for demanding commercial and residential settings. Every order is made to measure yet can be designed and delivered on site in days. Installation is simple, with many projects completed in just an hour or two without specialized labor.


Procurement is direct and easy. There is no need to go through a distributor or find a showroom; instead, review the Promenaid BIM library or just email or call us with your project requirements. We make the process seamless for you, with a team of people who work directly with contractors, architects, specifiers, designers and construction professionals, from concept to take-off through completion.


We stand ready to assist with design decisions – and your code compliance requirements. We’ll send samples quickly, enabling you and your client to see and feel the quality of our handrails. And since we are fully immersed in standards for all levels of building code and ADA compliance, we are your expert source for handrail safety be it for a ramp, a commercial common stairway, or a residence.

See your handrail system in 2 or 3D. Send us your conceptual sketches in any format and we’ll create architectural models of the handrails for your project. Our team will prepare detailed dimensioned drawings to reflect all the technical aspects of the system, and translate our 3D model into renderings to bring your vision to life. Once the renderings are approved, we will quickly generate a take-off for you.


Every detail will be covered, down to the last socket screw. Talk to us about your project, and we’ll determine exactly what components are required for a top-of-the-line handrail. All you’ll need for installation is a drill, a tape measure, an Allen key, and a standard miter saw. Since our products are always in stock, we can get them to your site within days – or even overnight.


DIY simplicity. Our patented design saves you time and money on the worksite because it requires no special skills or intensive training. We will supply you with all the how-to materials needed to guide your team quickly through the process.

Contact us to find out how easy and fast it is to have your Promenaid handrail designed, delivered, and installed.


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