6 Reasons Why You Should Use LED Handrail Lighting

October 19, 2023

Janis Hubina


Stairs and ramps are places where falls and stumbles commonly occur. To combat this danger, installing custom continuous handrails with a round profile is an excellent solution that increases stability and prevents falls. But that’s not all you can do. Lighted handrails take safety and peace of mind to the next level, enabling you to enjoy seeing where you’re going even in a dark or dimly lit area.

When installed on a stairway or ramp, handrail LED lighting can mean the difference between a safe passage and a dangerous stumble.

Types Of Handrail Lighting

Traditional Strip Lighting

Traditional strip lighting can provide the safety and security of an illuminated handrail. However, it cannot be cut to length, so it must be ordered in a custom length that perfectly matches the length of the handrail.

Additionally, this type of lighting is not meant for durability and is difficult to attach to a handrail. While it is possible to have a wood handrail custom fit with LED strip lighting, this is costly and requires precise measurements. In addition, there’s no room for flexibility in the event the lighting needs to be dimmed or modified due to changing circumstances. 

New Innovative LED Modules

6 Reasons Why You Should Use LED Handrail Lighting

1. Safety

Navigating up and down stairs can be dangerous if there are stability issues or if the stairway is dark or dimly lit. Lighting a stairway can be tricky depending on the location, and even then, the handrail and stairs can still be difficult to see.

Incorporating LED lighted handrails increases the level of safety for nearly any stairway, walkway, or ramp. 

2. Reduced Energy Costs

LED Lighting uses 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 25 times longer. With this in mind, LED handrail lighting provides an excellent way to reduce energy costs while maintaining safety. Unlike having to turn on a harsh overhead light whenever light is needed on a stairway, LED handrail lighting provides a soft, guiding light each and every time you need it.

Promenaid’s award-winning handrails are also now available with LED lighting. Elegant and weatherproof, Channelux™ dimmable high-intensity modules install easily wherever you want them. Thanks to Promenaid’s patented full-length handrail channel, they fit, flush,  and wire up in minutes. No drilling, no fishing, no problem! Plus, they can be used with automation.

3. DIY Friendly — Ease Of Installation

Customizable handrail LED lighting gives you a lighted handrail without the excessive cost of having an illuminated handrail manufactured to your specific needs. Promenaid’s patented channelgrip piping is designed to lock brackets into place, creating a customizable handrail that is easy to install. This ease of installation carries over into LED module lighting that is simply clipped into the wires, pushed into the channel, and covered with the vinyl extrusion to maintain the round profile.

LED handrail lighting can be installed on-site without special tools or equipment. The vinyl extrusion can be trimmed with scissors or a utility knife to fit perfectly between both the brackets and the LED modules that fit flush with the extrusion. Other LED handrail lighting systems must be fitted in the factory, or special tools are required to install the lights and wiring.

4. Combined Code Requirements

Handrail lighting satisfies both the structural and luminary handrail requirements of the International Building Code (IBC) by using an all-in-one solution. Installing a handrail that meets IBC standards means completing the installation in one step rather than going through the lengthy process of ordering customized handrails with built-in LED strip lighting.

5. Customizable Aesthetic 

Continuous strip lighting to light a handrail can be overwhelming in some situations where it provides too much light. On the other hand, spotted module lighting offers an incredible aesthetic, and because the number of lights incorporated into a handrail is customizable, modules are only included where they are needed.

Their pleasing cone of light will fall in just the right place to illuminate the stairway, increasing both aesthetics and safety. This means that the LED handrail will not only create safe navigation for those climbing the stairs, but it will also complement the home or business’s decor.

6. Flexibility — As Many Or As Few As You Want

Given the unparalleled flexibility of Promenaid’s LED handrail modules, you can space them as far apart or as close together as necessary. For a softer look, space the modules farther apart where they will spill light gently onto the stairs and illuminate the handrail, creating a beautiful, dramatic effect. For a brighter look, add more modules to create an illuminated space that is eye-catching and safe.

Promenaid highlights the flexibility of LED module lighting in its logo, which is made entirely of handrail lengths and customizable bends, as well as lit with beautiful module lighting. 

Upgrade Your Handrail Lighting With Promenaid

Incorporating an illuminated handrail into a stairway, walkway, or ramp not only increases the level of safety and confidence in navigation, but it also creates a beautiful aesthetic while being easy to install and fully customizable.

Thanks to Promenaid’s patented system, you can now easily install handrail lighting into any commercial or residential space. The best part? Instead of searching for a handrail vendor and lighting vendor to combine the two, you can find handrails with lighting at Promenaid today.

If you would like to learn more, explore our gallery and configurator, or contact us for more information on handrail lighting.