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The Evolution of Handrail Design in Hospitals

When it comes to where handrails are needed most, hospitals jump to mind quickly. From…

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A Customizable Alternative to Standard Handrails from Lowes

When you’re in need of a handrail to create additional safety for stairways, ramps, hallways,…

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Continuous handrails

Handrails vs. Stair Railings? – Get a Grip on the Difference

Handrails and stair railings – they sound like pretty much the same thing. They’re not.…

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Promenaid - IBS Award

Promenaid Receives Rare Double Nomination at International Builders Show!

Promenaid Handrails is a finalist for both Best Indoor Living Product and Best Bath Product…

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Circular Graph

Accidental deaths among adults 65 and over

Think falls among seniors aren't a big problem? Think again. Falls cause more accidental deaths…

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